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ED PSA3000 Spectrum Analyser
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3GHz Spectrum Analyser.  Appears to work fine on simple tests. Tracking generator included but untested. Buyer to pay postage - a price will be given when location is given. Include manual and CD Note that there is no front cover ( if one...

Superfluous Equipment / Shack Clearout
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1 x Icom IC-7600 HF/6m Transeiver - $2600 1 x Hytera PD-782G DMR Handheld inc programming cable & software - $400 1 x Icom FR4000 70cm Repeater - $700 1 x Kenwood TM-D700A Dual Band transceiver - $400 2 x LARCAN 500W driver module, 6m ready...


HP 3476B Digital Multimeter
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Powers on. Battery seems to hold a charge. Tested 12V battery voltage correctly. Otherwise untested.


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YCCC SO2R 4x Radio Ports but 2 Radio cable set. (K3 + FT5000) $240.00


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Timewave Navigator Radio Interface <ul> <li class="auto-style5"><strong>Single USB connection to computer</strong></li> <li class="auto-style5"><strong>USB Sound Card built-in</strong></li> <li...


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2M Cavity filter, used by me for 2m terrestrial/aircraft enhancement comms, centred on 144.150 mHz. From non-smoking shack, postage may vary depending on destination postcode. Collect OK. Please note I cannot accept direct deposit. Thanks for...


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Lynx Quiet Ops water resistant head set, has vox, sound protection, remote PTT, switches 2 radios etc. If you have read Cross Roads by Mark Donaldson VC, you will see him wearing one. From non-smoking shack, collection OK, but please note I cannot...


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KENPRO HR2700SDX, (similat to Yaesu 2800), it has been my spare rotator for many years, approx 2 years use when I had it in my Nally tower from 1999. From non-smoking shack. Please note, postal cost is indicative, I will get an accurate quote for...


8 x AA battery holder with ON/OFF switch (new)
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8 x AA battery holder case with ON/OFF switch. Fitted with 2.1mm DC barrel jack. Handy for powering QRP radios, such as the Mountain Topper MTR series which doesn't like more than 12 volts.  I have 5 of these battery cases for sale. All...


Morse Key - British Army Clansman Series
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This is an army leg strap key. Handy for use in the field and on SOTA summits, or simply add it to your collection.  Disclosure: Gap and tension can be adjusted, although I found the return action to be rather soft. That is, when releasing...


Duratech 40W Soldering Station with Temp Control
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I have used this 40W soldering station for the last 10 years probably around 20 times. Originally bought new from Jaycar. Replaceable tip. It works very well and maintains temperature. I’ve just bought myself a smaller 25W soldering iron which...


Electrophone MC521A Desk Microphone
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Bought and have not used. In great condition. Has pre amp and volume control which requires a 9v battery. 4 pin round plug. Box deteriorated so kept the side panel of it as it has all the specs. Call or sms me on 0408 960 108. Thx, Tom Pick up...


Oak Hills Research 100W 50ohm RF Load - as new
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This is a stable and accurate 50ohm RF load rated at 100W continuous duty. Kitted by OHR and carefully constructed by me, it has never been used and is as new. (They are so good, I bought several :)   Housed in heavy duty, powder coated...


Transceiver to Amplifier Interface 4 models
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<span style="background-color: #0000ff; font-size: 14pt; color: #ffffff;"><strong>Transceiver to Amplifier Interface</strong></span> 4 models New Old Stock Made these for 4 years, then closed business and QSY'd to USA. These are the...


DIAMOND MX-72N Antenna Duplexer Cable
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<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">DIAMOND MX72N ANTENNA DUPLEXER - Duel Band Coupler - 1.6-30/140-150/400-460MHz</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">BAND PASS Low: 1.6 - 150MHz</p> High: 400 - 460MHz <p style="margin-bottom:...


Flex Maestro Portable unit to suit Flex 6000series
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In excellent condition, with loads of extras that cost real USD.  SMS Brenton on 0418 844700, or email brenton@posnav.com.au Maestro Control Console for the FLEX-6000 series with spare battery and the original and optional hand...


Super rare mint Tokyo Hypower HX240 Transverter
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Rare as rare, these Tokyo Hypower transverters are extremely hard to find, so someone gets a very rare find with this one.  I have personally used this with a TR751A kenwood 2m all mode and a Yaesu FT480R Allmode 2m,(both units are for sale as...

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BWD 511 Oscilloscope
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Seems to work but not everything checked. History is unknown. Shipping quote can be given or pickup available.

time left: 1 d, 2 hr


Fritzel balun 1.2
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up for sale is this fritzel 1.2 balun fr1021.1 this is for a delta-loop antenna power out 1500 w cw and 3000 w ssb the balun is in as new condition and in excellent working condition its has never been useds i got this from rf...

time left: 1 w, 3 d