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Sale or Swap
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ok time to clear our some of my Headset & microphone gear, adapters for headsets, and for 3 Pin XLR/ YAESU, ICOM, HANDI MIC HC-5 (yes genuine hc-5, $150.usd) ICOM HM-36 Hand Mic, MADE IN JAPAN, not China, you may not be aware, Made in PRC...


Parallel port controller kit - suit contester
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Jaycar KV-3590 parallel port controller kit, with instructions. Originally cost $59.95 in January 2007. The parallel port controller enables you to switch up to eight separate devices on or off via your computer printer port. Uses eight SPDT...


AM-COM, ClearSpeech Noise Filter For Sale
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For sale: Am-Com ClearSpeech Base Unit. excellent condition. Good for all speaker, Comes with fuse power cord. For more info, please go here: http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/1041 , If you Interested, Please let me know, Thanks.


Kenwood MC-60 Desk Mic
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Brand New, with full accessories, If you Interested, Please let me know, Thanks.

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common mode coax noise filter
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the purpose for the common mode coax noise filter cmnf-2 common mode current induced by radiated sources < plasma tv , routers , computers, transmitters, etc > can be picked up by the coax braid from the antenna feed point back to the...

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palomar eng 2.1 cube balun
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<p>this model cb-2-2000 is a 2:1 quad core balun used to translate a 50omh input to 100omh at rf power levels up to 2000 watts pep when used with a matched load this assembled balun features a quad core for added power capability . frequency...

time left: 6 d, 1 hr