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EMOTATOR 507 Rotator - DUORO DS4e Controller.  - $700 Listing ID: 22910

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Seller's Comments and Description:

24v DC 507 rotator with a DS4e controller with full circle display & speed control.
Refurbished, Upgraded & NEW.
Includes :- MC1213 three piece self centering top mast clamp, mount hardware, iec power lead, plug for the 5 core control cable & newly written instruction manual.

Wind Area...............1.8m Sq.
Rotation Torque......4 ~ 8 kg/m
Brake Torque..........60kg/m
Vertical Load..........400 kg
Mast Size................40 ~ 63mm dia.
Brake System.........BK Drag spring & drum
Speed Control.........Two stage direction switch
(low speed fixed & high is vairable)
Rotation Time.........45 ~ 120 seconds
Control Cable..........5 core
Rotator Voltage.......24v DC
Rotator Weight........4.2 kg
(inc top mast clamp)

The DS4e Controller:- Full circle direction display with Low/high speed configigation in the direction switch Plus variable speed controll.
The direction switches are are in two stage, first low speed then high (variable).

Using an upgraded DR7011 PCB & display assembly, housed in a NEWb enclousure with a new S/S chassis.
The front panel:- Has full circle direction display, Single Left/Right direction switch ( with dual action speed control), Dial variable speed control, & illuminated powe switch.
The back panel:- 8 pin Cinch socket, Fused IEC 240v power socket, Meter calibration POT & Earth bolt.
On the inside:-LED display illumination with it's power supply installed onto the main PCB, Two NEW 240v transformers (toroidal for direction & EI for display), Two LM2596 DC-DC adjustable Buck converters for DC output, The direction switch assembly is from a Emotator 502 controller that was upgraded to dual speed configuration.
Fully tested & aligned with the 507 rotator.

The 507 rotator:- A 502 was upgraded with a 24v DC motor & changed the gearing to a lower ratio.
Fully disassembled to the last nut bult & screw, then cleaned & checked all parts for damage.
Repaired & upgraded the sub chassis, Replaced the original 100v AC motor with a 24v DC version (fro an Emotator 747SRX), Replaced & re-wire the limit switches, Rep[laced the original 600 ohm POT with refurbished 500 ohm version to suit the DS4e controller.
All the housing & mast clamps have been glass bead blasted followed by etch primer & the sprayed in Silver Epoxy Enamel paint the finishe off with a few coats of Epoxy Enamel clear.
The stainless steel hardware was cleaned in a specisl solution, Replaced the control cable socket & plug with terminal block from an Emotator 105TSX but still using the original terminal cover (which is NOS).
The gear assembly up grades:- The original gears 1,2 & 3 were replace with lower ratio version from an Emotator 1103, the origunal ratio was 1,576:1 now it is 2,845:1, whis has increase the rotation & brake torque. The gears were shimmed & aligned in their sub chassis then installed into the refurbished housings wthe new bearings & new grease through out.
240v AC. 24 month warranty. Contact Peter 0427 043 054.


Manufacturer Emotator - Duoro
Model 507 - DS4e
Year of Manufacture 2020
Condition of Item Excellent
Accessories Included Top mast clamp & hardware, Plugs for control cable, IEC power lead + revised manual
Postage / Freight Pickup Available


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