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CDE HAM2 Controller & HyGain HAM4 rotator.  - $875 Listing ID: 15338

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Seller's Comments and Description:

Refurbished & Upgraded with a lot of new parts.
Wind Area.......................1.4nSq
Rotation Torque..............9.3Kg/m
Brake Torque..................58Kg/m
Mast Size.........................48 ~ 50mm
Rotation Time..................60 Seconds for 360 degrees
Controll Cable..................7 core
Rotator Voltage...............24vAC
The HAM2 Controller:- 
Refurbished & upgraded to dual action direction switches (no more holding down the brake switch + the direction switch), Is now 7 core control cable instead of 8 core by way of moving the motor start CAP into the rotator.
Upgrades:- Replaced the non PCB wiring mess with a later version PCB, New BDS-35 Auto brake release & delay PCB, Converted from 3 lever action too dual action two lever configuration including new micro switches, Replaced the rear panel with a Laser cut & etched S/S version with new fused IEC & CINCH sockets + new CAL/NORM switch & earth bolt, Added a 3 LED modual for meter illumination & installed there power supply to the replacment PCB, Replaced the original paper directon display plate with a aluminium version from a Kenpro KR400, Added 3 LED's for brake & direction action, Replaced the 2 original 220v transformers with a single Australian made 240v version with 2 outputs, New illuminated power switch & CAL POT.
Fully rewired, aligned & calibrated to the HAM4 rotator.
Comes with NEW Cinch plug & IEC power lead.
The HAM4 Rotator:- This rotator has a friction brake in the motor plus the solenoid brake wedge system.
This rotator was built with about 95% NEW parts (inc. All housings & chassis, Mast clamp plate & 'U' bolts, Limit switch assembly, 500 ohm POT, Steel ring gear & gearing, Ball bearings & retainers, Cinch socket & plug, hardware etc.
NON new parts listed below:-
The motor was stripped down to repair the friction brake, new core pads installed.
The Soleniod brake wedge system is in good working order & condition.
The top steel motor plate was upgraded & painted.
The motor start CAP is from a CREATE RC5-1 rotator, tested & in good condition.
Upgrades:- Control cable is now 7 core (instead of 8 core) by way of moving the motor start CAP to the rotator saving two wires (4 & 8) I then separated the motor & soleniod 0v wires from Pin 1 & moved the motor to pin 4, Repaired & upgraded friction brake in the motor, Installed NEW direction POT, Replaced screw terminat with a CINCH socket & cover/mounting plate, Mounted motor start CAP, added a micro switch for the motor 0v which is activated by the wedge latch (if the solenoid does notrelease the mot will no go), Mast bracket plate upgraded to my new S/S version wth new 'U' bolts.
The housings are as I got them from HyGain(natural aluminium) as this build was becomong way to expensive to do a proper pait job to them. Shimmed & aligned the gearing, install new bearing & retainers, then assembled with new gears throughout.
Aligned & Calibrated to the HAM2 controller. 
Comes with a NEW Cinch plug & S/S hardware.
240vAC mains voltage. 24 month warranty.
This rotator set is available for exchange please view details on my web site.
Contact Peter of DUORO SERVICES on 0427 043 054.


Manufacturer CDE, HyGain
Model HAM2, HAM4
Condition of Item Excellent
Accessories Included Top mast clamp & hardware, Plugs for control cable, IEC power lead + revised manual
Postage / Freight Pickup Available


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