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KENPRO KR-600RE Powered by Rotor-Ez  - $750 Listing ID: 13133

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Seller's Comments and Description:

Standard Controller with Rotor-Ez (Pre-Set) kit Fitted & rotator with top mast clamps.
Supplied with revised manual & plugs for the control cable.
Control cable is 6 core but 5 core cna be used if you don't want the limit rotation LED in the controller not to work.
Rotor-Ez by Ham Supply is a replacement PCB with a microprocessor on board. Some of the features available:- Dial Pre-Set, 5 second brake delay, 3 degree shut-of & coast to Pre-Set, Electronlc end stops with 5 degree shut-off, Colour changing Status LED & more. Some of the above features have been disabled for the KR-600RE.

Wind Area ..... 1.5m Sq

Rotation Torque ..... 7.0kg/m
Brake Torque ..... 40kg/m
Mast Size ..... 38 ~ 63mm
Rotation Time ..... 60 seconds 360 degree
Rotator Voltage ..... 24vAC

The Controller with Rotor-Ez:- Rebuilt, Restored & Upgraded
Completely disassembled cleaned, upgraded & installed the Rotor-Ez PCB. The original 220v transformer was replaced with 2 x 240v AC versions. Upgraded the meter illumination with a 3 LED strip & mounted there power supply on the Rotor-Ez PCB. 
On the Front Panel:- A laser cut & etched stainless steel label was added. The original power switch was replaced with a push on/off version which includes a potentiometer for the Dial Pre-Set function. The original direction switches were replaced with 2 x illuminated red square momentary push button versions + a third illuminated green square momentary push button switch was added for the Pre-Set Start operation. Also installed :- 2 blue LED's for CW/CCW operation, a bi-colour for Status & a red LED (mounted inside the meter) for the limit rotation feed back.
On the back panel:- Chassis was cleaned & zinc plated, replaced the screw terminal board with a 8 pin Cinch chassis socket mounted on a laser cut & etched stainless steel cover/mounting plate. Also installed , a fused IEC socket & earth bolt wit wing nut.
Fully re-wired, re-aligned & calibrated with the rotator. Supplied with new IEC power lead & Cinch plug.      
The Rotator:- Rebuilt, Restored & Upgraded etc.
Completely disassembled, cleaned & checked all parts for damage etc. Housings & NEW mast clamps have been Glass Bead Blasted then etchedprimied followed by painting in Epoxy Gloss Enamel (Pewter) paint.Replaced the 4 stacked final drive gears with a single piece gear (KD38T) that was made for me. The KD38T will not track grooves into the ring gear. The KD38T has more contact area onto the ring gear. The two limit switches & ball bearings were replaced with new. Installed the motor start CAP was removed from the controller. Replaced the screw terminal board with a IP67 round 7 pin chassis socket mounted on a laser cut stainless steel cover/mounting plate. Fully re-wired including re-configured wiring lay out to suit the Rotor-Ez . Re-assembled with new grease through out. Re-alighed & calibrated with the controller.
Supplied with new stainless steel mounting/clamping hardware & IP67 7 pin plug.
240v Ac. 24 month warranty.


Manufacturer KENPRO
Model KR-400
Condition of Item Excellent
Accessories Included New Top Mast clamps, IEC power lead & plugs for control cable
Postage / Freight Buyer Pays


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